Christy Olsen

Visual Art Instructor and Fine artist

Professional Experience

Studio Art Classes
2016 - present, Instructor, Faculty Art Verve Academy (AVA)
2012 - 2016, Teaching Artist, Faculty The Drawing Studio (TDS)
2010 - 2014, Teaching Artist, Outreach Art Tutoring for Seniors (OATS) program 

Instructor Led Art Workshops Abroad
2019 Art Verve Excursion, Florence, province of Tuscany, Italy sponsored by Art Verve Academy (AVA)
2017 Art Verve Excursion, Florence, province of Tuscany, Italy sponsored by Art Verve Academy (AVA)

Art Critiques
2017 - present, Instructor, Faculty Art Verve Academy (AVA)
2012 - 2016, private & group critiques for Tucson Pastel Society members (beginner through advanced)

Student Testimonials

The following testimonials are from students who have taken an adult art class with Christy.

"Thank you for 'Portraits in Pastel' course. It is very helpful to have you participate actively in the class & share the steps you take in your drawings. Looking forward to taking another course!"

...from Portraits in Pastel at the Art Verve Academy

"Want to thank you for a great class yesterday, Christy. You have a set of skills that allow students to actively participate as both individuals & as a group, you you maintain the leadership role. Not an easy thing to do. "

...from Drawing Facial Features at the Art Verve Academy

"She is such a delight & a very authentic teacher. She has practical advice for the recreational to the professional artist."

...from Color Fundamentals at the Drawing Studio

"Christy's energy combined with her honesty and experience with her willingness & drive to share with students is magnetic."

...from Color Fundamentals at the Drawing Studio

"I can't even begin to tell you how much I learned and how motivated I am to continue. What better testament is that?"

...from Color Fundametnals at the Drawing Studio

"Enjoyed the upbeat & postive-ness in her class!"

...from Introduction to Gouache at the Drawing Studio

Visual Art Instruction for Adults

Christy is an instructor at the Art Verve Academy. She teaches weekly adult art classes in drawing & painting locally in Tucson, Arizona and teaches instructor led workshops that travel abroad.
"The real gratification in teaching is not repeating the same information over & over but through the discovery of something new after viewing the same information through the eyes of someone who has a fresh perspective or a questioning mind, it inspires me and gives me an enthusiastic approach to life long learning."

-- Christy Olsen